Food Mislabeling & Misbranding

When grocery shopping, many consumers rely on food labels and packaging to decide which foods to purchase for themselves and their families. Claims of “0 grams Trans Fat,” “All Natural,” “Good Source of Antioxidants,” and “Sugar Free” can be found on hundreds of food items and are often the reason for purchasing those products.

Unfortunately, many of these labels are false. The FDA has enacted guidelines for food manufacturers to follow when making claims on their labels. Some companies have chosen not to follow these guidelines. As a result, these companies are misbranding their labels and many consumers are mislead and deceived into purchasing these products.

Barrett Law Group, along with distinguished law firms across the country, has taken action to prevent these companies from continuing to deceive the public about the nutrients in their food products. We have filed several lawsuits in California, including Markus Wilson and Doug Campen  v. Frito-Lay North America, Inc. and Pepsico, Inc. Our goals are to stop the deceptive labeling of the food products and to make these companies change their labels to reflect the actual nutrient contents in their food.

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