Barrett Law Group, P.A. Files Landmark Gas and Oil Class Actions In Virginia

On behalf of Virginia coalbed methane gas owners, Barrett Law Group, P.A. has filed several class actions seeking to recoup the millions of dollars that have been wrongfully kept from the gas owners.

The drilling and production of coalbed methane gas is a multi-billion dollar industry in southwest Virginia. For decades, certain gas companies have drilled and produced coalbed methane gas enjoying enormous profits in the process. However, many of the owners of the coalbed methane gas have been denied their share of those profits. In some cases, owners have been paid nothing. In other cases, they’ve been paid a mere pittance of what they should have been paid. Barrett Law Group, P.A. has filed class actions to remedy this injustice.

You can read further about the inequities related to the coalbed methane in this series of articles by Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Daniel Gilbert.

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